The Sun- and Moonstone Continuum Reactor is a piece of technology built by Stable-Tec to create an independent energy source for Equestria, but the program had to be stopped due to the lack of material needed for a reactor to start working.

The central element of the reactor are each one piece of Sunstone and Moonstone, hence the name of the device. Color, weight or shape of the two stones are unknown, since the only pieces known to ponykind are sealed away from the rest of the world in the only working continuum reactor's Null-Energy Chamber.

Due to the needed material, the device itself is really small. It is about the size of a grown pony's hoof but can power a whole Stable-sized facility on its own nonetheless.

Functionality Edit

There are several modes the reactor device can run:

  • Standard: The two pieces are sealed away in a single chamber in the center of the device, so the Moonstone's anti-magical aura erases the Sunstone's magical output. This is the setting the device is set most of the time, since there are no effects on the outside world.
  • Isolated Sunstone ("recharger mode"): In this mode, the central chamber is divided into two, one contains the isolated Moonstone (Moonstone Isolation Chamber: MIS) and the other contains the isolated Sunstone (Sunstone Isolation Chamber: SIC). While the Moonstone stays in the sealed chamber, the piece of Sunstone is exposed to the environment. Due to the effects of the Sunstone a large amount of magical energy is released. With the fitting machinery at hand, this energy can be harvested to recharge spark batteries and other energy storage devices.
  • Isolated Moonstone ("combat mode"):Just as the SIC, the MIC can be extended from the sealed chamber. The only difference is that instead of a large amount of energy being "produced", quite the opposite happens: a strong anti-magical aura springs up a few centimeters all around the reactor, but while the inner area is completely harmless, contact with the outer rim is lethal to any known lifeform.

Appearance in the story Edit

The story Fallout Equestria: Fallen Angels resolves around the pegasus pony Whirling Feather getting into contact with the only ever made Continuum Reactor. Projections made by Stable-Tec had predicted a end of Equestria as they knew it, so preparations were made to ensure the usefulness of the device even in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. These preparations involved the connecting between the Continuum Reactor and a custom PipBuck, resulting in the PegasusBuck 20 "Salvation".

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