When Doodle called this place a dump … she was right. This place is a dump. This entire wasteland is a dump … those two fillies deserve better than this ... A lot of ponies do.
Summer Smiles
Title Innkeeper
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role The Orphanage
Family Sugar Rum (Sister), Doodle (Niece), Hops (Niece)
Status Alive

Summer Smiles, also known as "Summer", introduced in Chapter 9, is an innkeeper in Poneva city, and a former member of the elusive Orphanage; she owns the Warmhearth Inn in downtown Poneva, She is a supporting character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


Summer Smiles appears to be an honest, down to earth pony. Her family, especially her sister's daughters, Doodle and Hops, mean the world to her, and she often starves herself so that they can eat. She keeps her friends close, placing much trust into the very few ponies she calls friends, such as Candy Cane. She is, however, rather distrustful of outsiders, and protective of her nieces, as evidenced in Chapter 9 where she was hesitant to even speak of them in front of Red Dawn - a stranger to her at the time.


Summer Smiles and her sister, Sugar Rum, have owned and lived in their inn in downtown Poneva for nearly a decade now. Two years prior to Rising Dawn, they met Candy Cane, an escaped slave who they took into their home. The three had since became close friends; she became particularly affectionate towards the mare. Several months later, the two sisters found that Candy Cane had disappeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

Knowing that she had been taken by the SDC and returned to slavery, the sisters continued their lives, somewhat emptier without their old friend. Shortly after, Sugar Rum lost her job; for the  time being, Summer Smiles nearly exhausted her savings while paying for taxes and supplies to maintain her inn. Sugar Rum was forced to find work as a slaver for the EEC, and the two lived paycheck by paycheck for the next year and a half, forcing Summer Smiles to close down her inn. 


Summer Smiles has been taking care of Sugar Rum's daughters since they were born, and is a good caretaker. She also knows how to cook and handle firearms, which may be a result of her work in the Orphanage.

Relationships Edit

Candy CaneEdit

Summer Smiles adored Candy Cane and missed her deeply when she was taken back to the Sultry Scullion. Though over the several months Candy Cane stayed with Summer Smiles and her family, she developed a strong emotional bond with the mare and fell in love with her. Their trust for each other was mutual, but Summer Smiles' romantic interest was not.

Red Dawn Edit

Summer Smiles, while distrustful of Red Dawn at first, has grown to trust him, considering him to be a 'good pony'. She thinks that ponies like him can do good in the wasteland, and notes that there are few like him; though she trusts him enough to give him directions to the Orphanage, believing that he can find ponies just like him, there.

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