Sorry - I’m sorry... the things I've done... the ponies I've killed... not worth it.
Sugar Rum
Title Mercenary
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role East Eden Company
Family Summer Smiles (Sister), Doodle(Daughter), Hops (Daughter)
Status Dead

Sugar Rum, also known as "Sugar", introduced in Chapter 4, was a slaver working for  the East Eden Company. She is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Sugar Rum first appeared to be a heartless slaver, but as Red Dawn conversed and interacted with her more, it became apparent that she is just a desperate mother working to provide for her family. The mare hated her job as a slaver, and resorted to taking up that occupation to make money. Sugar Rum holds much regret for the things she's done, and is neither proud nor happy with the slaves she has seen abused or abused herself. 


Sugar Rum and her sister, Summer Smiles, have owned and lived in their inn in downtown Poneva for nearly a decade now. Two years prior to Rising Dawn, Sugar Rum came across an escaped slave who she herself took into her home. The three had since became close friends; Sugar Rum even considered Candy Cane to be family. Several months later, the two sisters found that Candy Cane had disappeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

Knowing that she had been taken by the SDC and returned to slavery, the sisters continued their lives, somewhat emptier without their old friend. Shortly after, Sugar Rum lost her job; for the  time being, Summer Smiles nearly exhausted her savings while paying for taxes and supplies to maintain her inn. Sugar Rum was forced to find work as a slaver for the EEC, and the two lived paycheck by paycheck for the next year and a half, forcing Summer Smiles to close down her inn. 


Sugar Rum is exceptionally capable with a carbine, demonstrating precise marksmareship while gunning down bloodletters. 

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