Subtlety is a named anti-materiel rifle owned by Hired Gun. The weapon is an important part of Hired Guns arsenal and has been used to perform some notable kills.


The anti-materiel rifle was originally owned by Roy Mustang, who promised that Hired Gun could have it as part of her payment for doing a job for him. Hired Gun becomes particularly obsessed with acquiring it and makes sure she gets the gun before the Baises attack the Mustang's casino. In a fit of irony, Hired kills Roy Mustang with the gun he gave her and names it Subtlety, after Flare had pressed her about naming it earlier, claiming all the best weapons have names.

Afterwords, Subtlety is the only thing Hired manages to save when she nearly falls into a hole in the tunnels at the edge of Dise. She is later captured by Steel Rangers after she put it down to play with Serenity and Flare and escapes the Rangers with her gun, avoiding using it as she promised the Elder not to kill any of the pursuing Rangers.

Subtlety is used by Hired Gun to spark a fight between Celestia's Vision and the zebra of Karkhoof, Serenity tries to stop her and inadvertently causes the gun to strike the foal Post Haste. Hired was using incendiary ammo which meant the poor foal burned to death and spread the fire. Hired loses Subtlety when she returns to Bridle Hope to negotiate for Mr. House with the Crimson Hoof and reacquires it, after she escapes Timber and the Steel Rangers.

Hired uses Subtlety outside Bridle Hope to assist her brother Summer Silk and his defenders when the Steel Rangers arrive to capture or kill her. The rifle easily perces the power armour, before Hired has to end up using her cyberleg on the remaining rangers that Summer Silk and his forces didn't kill.


  • Hired Gun has grown deeply attached to Subtlety
  • The name Subtlety is ironic, given the weapon is a large and loud weapon
  • She often refers to the weapon as her Subtlety
  • The weapon has been stolen from her on two occasions
  • Incendiary ammunition for the gun is exceedingly rare, apparently only made by one mare who lives and works on a ferry boat that goes to the village of Snake Head

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