If some ponies hadn’t been hogging all the Stubbornite for ‘emselves, maybe they wouldn’t ‘ave run out like they did.
Calamity on Stubbornite
Chapter 37

Stubbornite is a natural resource in Fallout: Equestria.


Stubbornite is a mineral that was used in production of goods in pre-war Equestria. Little is known about the material, but it is known for its durability and was apparently mined from the earth. At some point, Stubborite went the way of coal in Equestria, having been exhausted as a resource before the end of the war. Clip-Clop's Clipboards were originally made of layered Stubbornite, but the company switched to Obstinatanium when the resource became scarce.

In Chapter 37, Steelhooves mentions that the Apple Family had a monopoly on the Stubbornite mines.

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