Stronghoof's Legacy is a semi-automatic, sniper rifle, named after Ditzy Doo's old friend, Stronghoof


Stronghoof's Legacy originally belonged to Gnarl Grimfeathers. Gnarl was searching for a Rarity Statuette in Stalliongrad and carried the rifle as his primary firearm. Ditzy Doo, Rotting Tail and May, team up with Gnarl to track down the stauette and rescue the latest victim of a series of kidnappings.

Gnarl is severely injured during the battle with a crazed ghoul who has the Rarity statuette. Ditzy Doo and her companions manage to save Gnarl, reattaching a dismembered wing and killing the crazy ghoul. Gnarl gives Ditzy his semi-automatic rifle, since her own rifle, Stronghoof's Rifle was destroyed in the previous fight. Ditzy had Gnarl use his laser pistol to heat the metal at the shoulder brace and carve in the weapon's name.


Stronghoof's Legacy is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, with a mouth grip designed for pony use. The barrel has a suppressor fitted to silence it and the weapons name is carved into the shoulder brace.

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