Stradivaria wiki image
By StormbadgerXIII
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Wastelander
Family Father, deceased.
Status Alive
Stradivaria (offten shortened to Straddy), introduced in chapter <unknown>, is a unicorn mare and a companion of Nimbus in the side story Purity. She is an ex-Stabledweller, and acts as the groups talker, barterer and light gunner.



Stradivaria was born in Stable 95, but was forced to leave the Stable when an experiment with a sound file to tap into a brainwave for peaceful behaviour failed horribly.  She then proceeded to wander aimlessly in the wasteland, eventually finding Gintown and began playing her violin to an audience for caps.

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the story progresses.



Stradivaria is an attractively-built unicorn with a grey coat and a silky dark purple mane, which often falls over one of her eyes.  Her cutie mark is a violin and bow.


Stradivaria, at her first appearance, is a very 'high class' pony, often finding distaste in unpleasant circumstances.  She is reluctant to talk about her past, especially her Stable, and tries to deflect all personal questions.


Stradivaria is extremely charismatic, and is excellent at talking to ponies and getting what she needs out of them. She is also, more out of her own protection than anything, is pretty decent with conventional firearms.


When she joins the party, she has with her her violin, a 10mm pistol, 9mm SMG, enough ammo to get around, and a fair hoofful of caps.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Stradivaria was loosely inspired by Agatha from Fo3, or more importantly her violin, the Stradivarius Soil.  The influence of Octavia is also present, due to the author's liking of said mare.
  • Quote from Stormbadger:
"Stradivaria exemplifies the effects of a traumatic existance on the personality of a Stabledweller; she rarely trusts anypony, and almost never trusts non-ponies. After escaping her Stable (which was seriously borked up), she was thrown into a world of raiders, slavers and mutated creatures... not the best example for a young mare. She probably learned her capability of speech from her life in the Stable, and her small guns skills from the raiders she subsequently killed."

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