You know... since I’ve come down here, I’ve been shot, clawed at, stabbed, electrocuted... At least I’ll have some interesting stories when I get home again.
False Dawn, Chapter 13

Star Racer, introduced in Chapter 3, is a pegasus mare and a companion for Nevermore in Fallout: Equestria - False Dawn. She is a stern officer of the Enclave, caught up in the events surrounding Nevermore and her quest.

Star Racer
Title Lieutenant
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Enclave
Status Alive
  Killed in Action(c.19)

Loyal to a fault, Star Racer is a solid rock. Dependable to her friends and implacable as a foe.

In combat, Star Racer relies on her powered armor and Sunseeker energy cannons.



Present DayEdit

A Lieutenant in the Enclave, she was leading her squad on a ground surveillance mission when they came under attack by the Whirlybirds in Detrot. Using herself as bait, she tried to draw them off the rest of her squad before being shot down where she was rescued by the ghoul Nevermore.



Star Racer is a taller than average pegasus mare, with a white coat and a green mane. With her height bulked out by her armor, she can cut an impressive figure.


Star Racer is steadfastly loyal and proud, often to her own detriment. The Tactical mind of the party, she's the one who directs her fellows to more advantageous spots and cover, increasing their effectiveness while reducing damage taken.


Star Racer is talented with her energy rifles, and knows how to use power armor as well.


Star Racer possesses a (mostly) functioning set of Enclave power armor and a pair of Sunseeker Energy Rifles.

Relationships Edit


Notes & TriviaEdit



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