This character is a non-canon, being once mentioned in FOE.

During the war Edit

Before being rendered a Canterlot ghoul during the attack on Canterlot, he was well known by soldiers as the "Coward of Colts". when Fluttershy activated the megaspell That healed both sides of a crucial battle, he was healed fully, even after being almost completely blown apart by zebra rifle fire. Shocked by his revival, he turned tail and ran, passing AppleSnack as he fled the battlefield, watching his brothers in arms die as he retreated. months later he is caught and persecuted as a deserter. NanoGram was able to escape execution, after being pardoned by Celestia. She pardoned him due to his brief explanation of events, detailing his resurrection and the horror of combat. Racked with guilt, He joined the military once more. He took part in many battles, opting to serve as a soldier in the back ranks, not wanting to see the bloodshed and death up close. When the bombs and pink cloud hit Canterlot, he stayed behind to help Steelhooves evacuate the city. Steelhooves, being a steel ranger, was higher than him in rank and ordered his retreat. Nano runs straight into the Pink Cloud to rescue a foal who was not fast enough to out run it. He almost reaches the foal, but Is cut short when he bumped the body of a fallen Steel Ranger. He stops dead in his tracks, and before the cloud reaches him, the Ranger says something that would define him later on. In massive pain, Nano falls on the Ranger, just as she pink cloud sweeps across him.

Post-war Edit

NanoGram awakens twenty-eight years after the "last day" in a pile of rubble, and is shocked to find himself in the suit of the fallen ranger.