Star Glint
Title Engineer
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Stable 91
Family Unknown
Status Dead

Star Glint, also known as 'Star' by his friends, is an engineer in Stable 91 whos is introduced in Chapter 1. He is one of Red Dawn's best friends and is Lightning Twirl's stallionfriend. He is a minor character that apepars in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Star Glint appears to be a carefree pony, apparently unfazed by his stable's broken water talisman. In reality, however, his carelessness is just a way in which he deals with problems, distancing himself away from them so he can recoup and fix them, rather than wallowing in torment like Red Dawn does in Chapter 1.

Despite this, Star Glint appears to care more about his friends than Stable 91's current situation; this is seen when he takes Dew Drops' side after Amber Fields is lost in a snowstorm, convincing Lightning Twirl to allow their group to rest, in fear of losing more of his friends to fatigue and low morale.

Star Glint loves his marefriend, Lightning Twirl very much, and can be seen interacting her rather affectionally in public, much to Red Dawn's light discomfort. Despite this, he has never allowed his relationship with Lightning Twirl to get in the way of the rest of his friends. He is also a rather playful pony, attempting to, with Lightning Twirl's help, foster a romantic relationship between Red Dawn and Dew Drops, which Red Dawn pushes away at every twist and turn.


Star Glint, with his friends, attended school together for much of their young lives; during these years, he developed a close realtionship with his best friends which persists to this day. Much like Red Dawn, he showed an aptitude for machinery, and thus became an engineer after taking his CAT. Star Glint's relationshp with Lightning Twirl grew over the years, and the two found themselves in a romantic relationship.

Following their expedition outside the Stable's doors, he and the others explored the harsh, freezing landscape of the Northern Wasteland. Star Glint, leaving SPring Song's cottage to piss, is kidnapped by Snow Furies, mutilated, and flayed alive. As the first to perish, his skinless body is found by the others in the middle of a clearing - the Snow Furies' ambush site, where they were attacked and brutally murdered.


Star Glint, after dating Lightning Twirl during her years as a security officer, developed a proficiency with firearms, a talent he devleoped with his marefriend at the Stable's shooting range. He, like the average engineer at Stable 91, is proficcient at the usage and repair of machines, and to some extent, arcane devices.

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