Stable Infinity is a stable located beneath a clock making factory, now the settlement of Clockwork.

Stable Infinity
Leaders(s) Genome (Overmare), Dr. Clockwork (slated to take over, but never arrived)
Notable Members Captain Lock, Future Nicky
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony

The Stable's Status Edit

Still functioning to this day, but recently evacuated and scavenged by Clockwork.

Experiment Edit

Though the original experiment is unknown, a MAS scientist named Dr. Clockwork set up his own experiment by installing a time dilation talisman in the stable. This causes 1 day in the stable to be equivalent to 28 years in the outside world.

History Edit

Past Edit

Commandeered and remodeled by Dr. Clockwork after Stable-Tec finished construction. He added his time dilation talisman somewhere in the stable and added a luxury living space for himself. He also redesignated the stable from its original number to Infinity. It is named after the project that created the time dilation talisman, Project: Infinity.

When the mega spells fell most of the MAS scientists assigned to made it and entered the stable. Dr. Clockwork was not among them, thus trapping the residents in the stable since he is the only one able to end the dilation bubble.

Once settled in the Overmare discovers Dr. Clockwork's plan and keeps it a secret from the other scientists.

7 days later (or about 200 years in the wasteland).

Present Edit

he stable door opens and reveals Clash Coat, Nicky, Bugz (in his changeling from), and Second who are taken into custody. After the Overmare confirms their story about 200 years actually passing she allows them free rein of the stable and fills them in on their predicament.

A month passes and Second, with the help of Nicky, is hard at work trying to stop the time dilation and return to the relative present. Suddenly a mare claiming to be Nicky from 20 years in the future.

Future Edit

(note that this future only happens in a timeline where Future Nicky didn't suddenly appear.)

Second and Nicky work on the problem for 20 years. Then for unknown reasons and with unknown tech Nicky travels back in time to one month after her younger self, Clash, Bugz, and Second got trapped in the stable.

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