Stable 84 is a Stable-Tec stable built during the war as a near impenetrable fallout shelter. While most stables were for protecting, and experimenting on, the pony populace, Stable 84 was unique in that it was specifically built for the use of a changeling hive.


During the War Edit

The stable was built during the war in a joint venture between the Ministry of Arcane Sciences and Stable-Tec. The stable was specifically requested to be built by Queen Chrysalis in the event that Equestria and the rest of the world was destroyed. Stable 84 was constructed in the lowest recesses of the changeling hive, itself located between Canterlot and the Frozen North. This was in return for the changelings' assistance in a secret MAS project planned by Twilight Sparkle herself.

End of the War Edit

Chrysalis' fears came to life as the two warring nations entered a full megaspell assault on one another, decimating the entire world to a nuclear winter. During this, Stable 84 closed with the hive inside, though Chrysalis' personal PipBuck was later found outside the stable two hundred years later.

Present Day Edit

Chrysalis' PipBuck, containing the location of Stable 84, ended up in the hooves of Ditzy Doo. She was contacted by the Twilight Society, who had the access codes for the stable, and she hired a scavenger named Scrap Heap to locate the ancient fallout shelter. They do eventually locate the stable, with many changeling ghouls on the outside who failed to reach the fallout shelter in time.

There was a stable security officer by the entrance, however, who gassed the group into unconsciousness when they entered the shelter.

The stable was then confirmed by the Overmare, and Princess of the Equestrian Hive, Insidiis to have been locked tight for the past two centuries. She also goes on to explain how the water talisman is failing, and soon their water supply will be contaminated with lethal radiation. The only hope for the stable is finding a replacement before the talisman fails entirely.

The stable is later fitted with a new water talisman, saving it. However, there is a new threat in the form of Kronos and his slavers. Despite the new danger, however, by this point the hive above the stable is being repopulated and there are plans to upgrade systems both domestic and defensive.

The stable and the hive would later be attacked by Kronos and his slavers.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Queen Chrysalis (Slated to be Overmare, but never entered when the bombs dropped)
  • Overmare/Princess Insidiis
  • Altrix
  • Changelings

Notes Edit

  • The stable was one of a few stables designed for non-ponies, another example would be the zebra oriented Stable 3.
  • It is located at the bottom of a changeling hive, the location of which was lost after the last day.
  • The stable was fast tracked at the urging of the Ministry of Arcane Sciences, forcing Stable-Tec to delay the development of other stables.
  • The stable's failing water talisman is a reference to Vault 13 from the original Fallout game, as is the threat from 'super mutants' (The Goddess and her alicorns).