Summary Edit

Stable 7 is a fallout shelter built by Stable-Tec. It was the seventh Stable to be completed. It is located inside Horseshoe Mountain, west of the northern equestrian city of Tall Tale. This Stable is the former home of Royal Flush and Blind Luck. It is featured in the side story Wild Card[1] by _TheEngineer_.

History Edit

Pre-War Edit

Stable 7 was planned by Stable-Tec as part of the Stable project as tensions between Equestria and the Zebras escalated. Its purpose was to serve as a social experiment. Famously lucky ponies and recognised gamblers were selected as Stable Dwellers.

Wartime Edit

As the war broke out, the selected Dwellers were evacuated to the Stable to begin the experiment. Because of the nature of said experiment, the Dwellers were introduced in the Stable even before the megaspells dropped. In case of a peaceful resolution to the war or an Equestrian victory, the Stable door was programmed to open only after 220 years.

Post-War Edit

Social Experiment Edit

Stable 7 was the subject of one of Stable-Tec's many social experiments. In this specific case the experiment consisted on building a casino-game-based society, where luck was the "ultimate judge of all quarrels" and key to a pony's success or failure in society. The position of Overmare/-stallion was renamed Head Dealer to enforce the ideals imposed on the Stable Dwellers.

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