Stable 30 is the main location of the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Adrift and is home to Gristle and his assistant Posey.

Stable 30
Leaders(s) Gristle (Overstallion)
Notable Members Posey, Gundhoof, Rigger Up, Dr. Marine Bio
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Adrift

Status Edit

One of the still functioning stables in the Equestian Wasteland it was originally set in the face of an underwater cliff. After nearly 200 years of erosion a fierce thunderstorm dislodges it from the cliff and it is just buoyant enough to float. It now drifts aimlessly in the ocean on the eastern side of the Equestrian Wasteland trying to stay afloat.

Experiment Edit

To study and document the effects of radiation on marine life.

Government Edit

This stable accepts both Overmares and Overstallions as their leaders. An Overmare/stallion typically serves until their death. When a new Overmare/stallion is needed the eldest members of the Stable look over a list of potential candidates. The best option is chosen and inducted into the job in a formal ceremony akin to a graduation ("pomp and circumstance" is usually played by the stable band). They are inducted after saying an oath and then they are fitted for special barding.

Oath Edit

"I, [insert name here], do swear to uphold the laws of Stable 30. And that I will make fair and just decisions in the interest and for the betterment of the stable. In the name of the Goddesses, Celestia and Luna, I hereby assume the role of Overmare/Overstallion."

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