Summary Edit

Appearing in the side story, Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth, Stable 111 is a stasis Stable in the Trotson Commonwealth.

Experiment Edit

Like most Stables, 111 was subject to a social experiment by Stable-Tec meant to improve pony society. In the case of 111, it was designed as a stasis Stable, keeping a minimum number of residents awake to run things and live in a small town-esque environment like Ponyville of the Crusaders youth.

While saving 1000 residents, only 100 were awake for 1 year at a time, at the end of each year, a new crew of 100 ponies was woken to take over, while the previous returned to stasis. In this manner, time continued to pass for the occupants, but at a greatly reduced rate, 10 years for a Stable 111 pony was equivalent to 100 on the surface, thus preserving old world values and culture over a much greater time frame.

Failure Edit

Stable 111 worked perfectly for more than 120 years, the residents growing accustomed to their new lives and celebrating each year when they returned to stasis. Shortly after this point however, an outside group called the Institute attacked, opening the door from the outside and wiping out the crew awake at the time.

After taking the Stable, the Institute absconded with all the stasis pods, missing one containing Fast Times, who, due to a pod malfunction was not in his proper stasis pod, but a spare that had not been logged as changed.

Opening Edit

After waking 80 years after his Stable was taken, Fast escaped to the wasteland above. Eventually deciding to 'fix' the wasteland, he shared the location with friends and used the resources like the Stable's backup water talisman to establish Sanctuary, a wasteland settlement and home.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Fast Times
  • Bright Skies-Times
  • Olden Times
  • Better TImes
  • Sunset Mist
  • Grizzly Sands
  • Sprockets
  • Hearty Forks
  • Heaping Ladle
  • Shift 3 Overmare Surefoot
  • Shift 4 Overstallion Rocky Shores

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