Stable 111 (The Knight of the Wasteland) Edit

Appearing in the side story The Knight of the Wasteland, Stable 111 was a stable built to protect ponies from the apocalypse. Its location is unknown, but it seems to be somewhere near Ponyville.

History Edit

During the WarEdit

Stable-Tec had chosen to build Stable 101 near Ponyville. Stable 101 was closest to Ponyville however, and was able to get most from Ponville, with Stable 2 being close by.

End of the WarEdit

Stable 111 was partially filled to the capacity, and was able to get ponies who made it in to enter pods to be depressurized and decontaminated, but was in fact going to be cryogenically be frozen.

Present dayEdit

After 200 years since the end of the war, Stable 111 was left abandoned with only one Stable Survivor, Golden Sword the only Stable Dweller to exit the stable.

Notable residents Edit


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