Spring Song
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Equestria
Family Flash Sentry (husband), Spring Fresh (daughter), Fresh Fields (son), Spark Sentry (son)
Status Dead

Spring Song, introduced in Chapter 2, was a unicorn mare who lived during the Great War. She is a minor pre-war/wartime era character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn. Spring Song lived in a, what Red Dawn believes to have been, a cottage, not too far from Poneva city.


Spring Song is an outgoing, patient mare; she is playful, and loves her children. Even when they misbehave, she still finds the patience to deal with them and turn the situation around to have fun. Spring Song appears to be a great with foals, and her children, likewise, seem to love her as much as she loves them. Spring Song is a family mare, her life revolving around taking care of her foals, leading the household while her husband, Flash Sentry, is away, and, as seen in Chapter 3, maintaining an expansive garden outside their family's household.


So far, not much is known about Spring Song, All that is known thus far is from a single memory orb, which Red Dawn watches, where Spring Song endures and perishes in the opening moments of the balefire bombing of Poneva city.

Spring Song was married to Flash Sentry, a guardpony belonging to Princess Cadence's Royal Guard. The two had three foals, named Spring Fresh, Spark Sentry, and Fresh Fields.


Spring Song appears to display excellent parenting skills, and workmareship. This is evident in the beautiful ornamented bushes she trimmed to look like the Princesses, and her house's expansive garden in general.

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