Full Name Spring
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Unaligned (Mercenary)
Family None
Status Alive

Spring is the main character and narrator in the side story Fallout: Equestria - Shades of Grey.

Background Edit

Born and raised in a caravan, Spring is an unicorn-wastelander. After the death of her relatives in a raider attack, she turned to bounty hunting, and roams since then Equestria in search of contracts up to her marksmare skills.

After a mission sends her on the trail of an old and possibly untouched pre-war military complex, though, she goes off an adventure to find it, crack it, and exploit it.

The character Edit

Spring is a unicorn mare in her twenties. With her grey coat and her dark mane, she does not really stand out in the Wastelands.

Cynical, self-centered, she threws most of her ethics out the windows when she realized how frail a pony's life was. While she firmily belives to be a 'good' pony, her controversial actions will eventually catch up with her and make her wonder about her place in the world.

Expert marksmare, she is a very roguish and cunning shooter. She kills from afar if possible - the further the better. When she has to get close to her targets, she strikes from the shadows with suppressed weapons ; she is a good lockpicker, and a decent hacker. It makes her very dangerous as an assassin; however, she is clearly not a fighter, and shy away from head-on combat.

Outside of this field of expertise, however, Spring clearly lacks numbers of skills. While her childhood in a caravan taught her the basics of many fields, she has no skills in social interactions whatsoever, no medical knowledge greater than 'drink this potion', and would struggle to repair even a wooden desk. Hoof-to-hoof combat, explosives and energy weapons are also a total mystery to her.

Relationships Edit

Due to her lack of social interactions, Spring does not seem to bond with many others ponies. While the number of named characters in the story grows higher with each chapter, only three characters so far seem to be recurring:

  • Chrystal is a shopkeeper. Only seen in the prologue, Spring often mention her name in her inner narrative. It would seem Spring either envy her for her social success (Chrystal being described as a "black widow"), or simply has a thing for her.
  • Meridian Fraying joins Spring in the fourth chapter. Good natured, the Earth pony stallion offers a counterweight to Spring's expeditive methods. He is Spring's sole and only friend so far, to her own admition.
  • Saios is the DERTA artificial inteligence. He soon hired Spring as a do-all handymare and thus began a very profitable partnership.

Notable quotes Edit

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