Spitfire, short for "Stasis Pod Interface for Temporal Failure Incase of a Real-time Emergency" is an Artificial Intelligence, that revives Cogwheel in modern Equestria.


Before the warEdit

Spitfire is an OSAI unit, an Overseeing and Stabilizing Artificial Intelligence used by the Fluttershy Medical Clinic that was performing surgery on Cogwheel before the war. The A.I. was in charge of the care of 16 patients in stasis pods, including Cogwheel. The Artificial Intelligence was programmed to keep as many patients alive as possible before they could be moved out for more extensive surgery.

When the Megaspells, Spitfire was cut off from the rest of the terminals in the hospital. Undeterred, the A.I. continued to monitor its patients, keeping those with the highest chance of survival alive.

After the WarEdit

After 200 years of monitoring the stasis pods and shutting down those with patients unlikely to survive, Spitfire was down to one pod: Cogwheel's. Spitfire awoke Cogwheel and proceeded to use the stasis room's power to assemble Cogwheel with all his cybernetics. Spitfire explained Cogwheel's situation to him and is eventually downloaded into his cybernetic eye, so she can help him hack a terminal to escape the seals stasis pod room.

Spitfire converses with Cogwheel as he explored the hospital and learned of the fall of civilization, eventually stumbling upon the grisly site of a slaughter, where numerous Raiders were butchered and killed. Spitfire tries to prevent Cogwheel from interfering in a fight between two ponies and a raider, going so far as to stop his movements. The A.I. reluctantly allows Cogwheel to fight, providing valuable tactical data, during the fight.

Spitfire has since, offered its input whenever it feels appropriate and seems to approve of Cogwheel's traveling companion, Precious' attitude towards him.



Spitfire is capable of hacking terminals and computer systems via Cogwheels cybernetic eye. The A.I. is also knowledgeable on a wide range of medical subjects, including poisons and venoms. Spitfire can also offer tactical support in combat, helping Cogwheel in his fights by analyzing various variables and combat data.

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