Spike Weapons are seen in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn. Currently, their origin is unknown, and have only been seen once, thus far, in Chapter 14.


Spike PistolsEdit

Spike Pistol
Type Spike Weapon (Small Gun)
Type of Damage Kinetic
Manufacturer Unknown

The Spike Pistol is a strange, alien weapon. Firing superheated metal spikes that penetrate, char, and sear flesh, these exotic weapons are frighteningly dangerous. They are often found with a blade mounted beneath their barrels, meant to be used as a melee weapon when deemed necessary.

Spike Pistols do not have ejection ports, and thus their ammunition neither appears to come in cartridges, nor does the gun appear to fire conventional bullets. Instead, they seem to fire caseless, two inch long spike projectiles that are superheated by some kind of inner mechanism within the pistol. Spike Pistols are magazine fed firearms, often with double-stacked magazines.

Their origin is currently unknown, but it is certain that whoever uses or makes these exotic weapons are equine, given the fact that they have mouthbits attached to them, and properly-aligned iron sights for mouth-fired equine use.

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