Race Unicorn Zebra Hybrid
Sex Male
Faction/Role Gaia Prevails - Head

Equestria - Citizen

Royal Canterlot Archives - former Head Administrator

Celestia's School for gifted Unicorns - former Teacher

Family Sarina - Wife

Ryde - Eldest Son

another unnamed child

Status Presumed deceased
There are two ways of doing things, why not choose the right way?
– Spellfield's Motto

Spellfield is an Unicorn-Zebra hybrid born approximately 50 years before Princess Lunas return, appearing in the Story Gaia Prevails.

History Edit

Childhood and Time in School Edit

Spellfield was raised by a single mother, an Unicorn, as his father, a wealthy Zebra who didn't took responsibility of not being able to keep it in his pants, until the day he saw his sons potential as a powerful caster. Then his father paid for his education at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Although at first Spellfield refused being used by his father, he recognized the opportunity and later graduated top of his class and has a PhD in Magical Engineering and Advanced Arcanics.

After School Edit

Just before his graduation an unicorn named Bright Skies commissioned the memory-orbs.

Like his father arranged it, he married his fiancee Sarina.

Royal Canterlot Archives Edit

Bright Skies approached him again, and offered him a job as Head Administrator at the Royal Canterlot Archives.

In this time Sarina bore him two foals, a colt named Ryde and another unnamed one.

Celestias School for Gifted Unicorn Edit

Watcher told Aideen that Spellfield taught at one point at Celestias School for Gifted Unicorn and was the teacher of Twilight Sparkle.

During the War Edit

After pressure from parents about a Zebra forming young minds Spellfield had to quit teaching at Celestia's School for gifted Unicorns. He formed together with Princess Celestia the resistance group Gaia Prevails, they stole technology from both Equestria and the Zebra Empire to keep them from atrociously killing each other.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

As a Unicorn-Zebra hybrid Spellfield has a, for zebras usual, striped coat of light grey and black, and a dark grey and white mane. He has an, for hybrids usual extended lifespan, so although he is technically 80 years old at the end of the war he is not old, and still very much active.

Personality Edit

While overly intelligent and ambitious Spellfield, he sacrificed his potential to keep the world safe from a potential war and apocalypse, for the greater good.

Abilities Edit

With combined abilities of zebras to sense magical flows, an unicorns power to manipulate them, and his intelligence, he became an extraordinary spellcaster.

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