Predator foe new roam by roflpanzer-d56t3zb

Predator, an example of a Specter.

The Specters are a widespread mercenary faction in Fallout: Equestria - New Roam. They are also one of the major factions, and play an important role in the story. They were originally the Imperial Shadow Corps, even using the same logo and the same gear.


The Specters as an organization are a merceneray force with ideals, and those ideals tell them to help others that need it. They send out operatives as individuals or in small groups, with the main directive to do whatever is necessary to improve conditions in the wasteland.

When not under direct orders from any superior, operatives take orders first and foremost from themselves. This individualism can make communication between operatives difficult, but is somewhat negated by the fact that all operatives come loaded with whatever equipment they could possibly need for whatever operation they could possibly get involved in.

Armament, Tactics, and OrganizationEdit

The Specter's main base of operations is within the city of Canterium, within an old bunker where the highest ranking officers of the group direct all activities. From here, they send out divisions and sub-groups to whatever area they deem important, one of which is Roam. Specter superior-subordinate ranking seems heavily based on experience and prestige, as their is no formal ranking system within the organization.

Every individual operative is equipped with a whole plethora of equipment, ranging from replacements of replacements of weapons to even meager utility tools. Every operative wears a heavy vest of various coloration, and most of them seem to carry their various belongings within extremely large and bulky backpacks, and wear a heavy gasmask helmet. Aside from that, their organization also has access to various types of vehicles and aircraft, albeit to a lesser degree than the Legion. An example of this is the Caesar -- a ridiculously overpowered tank even when compared to the already ludicrous Omni-tanks.

Individualism is dominant within the Specter ranks, as each operative operates either alone or with a small group, and contacts only the main body of the organization when necessary. As they operate almost alone all the time, they have each honed their impressive martial arts skills and combat prowess to the point that most of them are confident enough of their abilites to take on extremely large groups of hostiles.

Outside RelationsEdit

The Specters are recieved with a neutral light by the majority of Roaman citizens, though the citizens of the underground settlement of New Roam have certainly taken them in with warm welcomes. Outside of that, though, it is unknown how they are truly recieved by the everyday citizen.

Their recent war with the Legion in the name of sharing clean water with the Roaman citizens has surely earned them some favor, though.

Known Operatives:Edit

  • Balaclava
  • Doomtune
  • Sanddune
  • Predator
  • Butterscotch (not actual operative name)
  • Killcount
  • Saltwater
  • Ironbar
  • Madran (leader of the Roaman Specters)

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