Title Inquisitor
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers


Status Alive
Soufflé is a earth pony Steel Ranger who holds the rank of Inquisitor. He seems to act as one of the leaders and interrogator for the Steel Rangers of his contingent.


Present DayEdit

Soufflé interrogated Frosty Winds after her memories were extracted via Memory orbs. Frosty couldn't answer his questions, given that she couldn't remember anything of significant importance. He showed a strong dislike of Frosty, calling her an enclave rat and other derogatory names.

He interviewed her a second time, after Frosty randomly remembers Autumn Leaf, the Enclave leader, noting that he was a charismatic leader but not much else. Seemingly frustrated, he leaves Frosty alone, letting her speak with Instant Noodles a trained therapist. Red Eye's forces assault the Rangers and engage them in combat throughout their base. Soufflé is in the middle of the battle, where the fighting is the heaviest. Frosty see's a chance to kill him and prepares to do so in revenge for his cruel treatment when interrogating her.

Frosty however can't do it and instead kills a raider that Soufflé was fighting and saves his life in the process. Later he thanks her and asks why she didn't kill him, Frosty explains that she is a good pony and it wouldn't be right. Then she teases him by pointing out that now he owes her one for saving his life.



Soufflé is a gaunt unicorn who wears a fancy greatcoat and an officer’s hat, both of which have the logo of the Rangers on them.


Soufflé like other Steel Rangers is initally distrustful of Frosty Winds, given she is an enclave soldier, or at least a former enclave pegasus until recently. He grows to trust Frosty after she saves his life and decides not to kill him, despite his earlier, more harsh treatment of her and tries to defend her when Paladin Cheesy Puffs returns with a functioning water talisman.

He seems to be disliked but not hated by his fellow Rangers for his attitude and can even be kind and forgiving when he feels it is appropriate.


Soufflé is a skilled combatant and a capable leader. He holds the rank of Inquisitor but his interrogation techniques proved very ineffective against Frosty Winds due to her memory issues and military training. He doesn't resort to torture but he does get physical when he becomes enraged at Frosty laughing at his name, punching her in the face.

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