The viewpoint character for Fallout: Equestria - Old Souls


Snowflake is a very young adult Unicorn with a light blue coat, orange eyes violet and ice-white mane, and a Snowflake Cutie Mark. Her magic colour is glacier-blue.

She has a scar on each front ankle, and one on her chest, from where Cassie had shot her with her sniper rifle. 

When under the influence of Sombra's Horn, her eyes turn from orange to green with purple smoke leaking from them.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Snowflake's magic is ice-based. She has had to relearn basically everything after suffering magical burnout from a damaged Memory Orb. Her ice magic has returned stronger than it was before she lost it, but she still is completely unable to use the basic levitation magic that other Unicorns can perform without thinking.

Snowflake is a complex individual, suffering from both deep self-esteem issues and a constantly bruised ego. She is very fond of her friends, and especially so of her adopted siblings, but is prone to rash decisions which often set her at odds with those who care about her. Snowflake does not often grasp the big picture, which results in her misjudging situations.

The story so farEdit

An unimpressive odd-jobber in the Stable, Snowflake still maintains a happy family with her adopted Buffalo brothers; Buff, Al, and Lo Doublehorn. She discovers a damaged Memory Orb within the bowels of Stable 61. The fractured images terrify and bewilder Snowflake. These feelings only grow as she is judged unfit to remain in the Stable by the Overmare, and cast out.

Once out in the Wasteland, Snowflake almost immediately falls into repeatedly life-threatening situations, and willingly embarks on still more. Along the way, she forms strong bonds of friendship with Bosco and Naiara, as well as constantly changing relationships with Wings, Schwarzwald, Aqua Breeze and Cassiopeia Venatici. Snowflake takes under her wing (and eventually adopts) Undertow. She also shows positive feelings towards successful businessponies like Fedexi Lexi and Amber Bernstein.

Snowflake has made as many, or more, enemies as she has friends. To date, Snowflake has angered the slavers of Plottawa, the Steel Rangers of Neighlway, Whinniepeg's indescribable abominations, and McCoy and his Griffon merc unit, McCoy's Monsters. Worst of all, she has been personally responsible for creating a Raider army from the scattered tribes around the Area.

Her self-assigned pseudonym, Red Ice, is reviled throughout the northern Wasteland, because of Snowflake's actions being sometimes misconstrued, and other times completely accurate.

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