Snake Eyes
Race Batpony
Sex Mare
Status Alive

Snake Eyes is a secondary character from the side story The Tartarus Contingency.



Snake Eyes is a Batpony with a violet coat, and short blue-green mane.  She usually wears a gold and blue Stable-Tec poncho, which has been worn and stained from use, to protect herself from the weather. She has no cutie mark.


Snake Eyes has a motherly sort of attitude, but only with those to which she has been introduced.  Otherwise, she is very quiet and removed from most conversations and other ponies in general.  When she chooses to involve herself with another in even base conversational terms, she is often like a friendly salesman - keeping herself at arms length while still being comfortable to talk with.  Her loyalty lies with the few friends she does make, and she often lies or charms her way through situations.


Snake Eyes is blind.  She is unable to wield firearms of any kind.  However, she uses echolocation and her sensitive hearing in order to "see" her surrounding environment.  She does so most often in the form of soft singing or humming (to disguise the trick).  While she is able to fly, she is forced to use her echolocation for any time she takes to the air, and often has a difficult time landing.  She is also able to use sharper screeches that are intense enough to be painful to others.

Her sensitive hearing allows her to work in completely dark environments unhindered, especially in conjunction with her echolocation.  This proves to be a drawback in "loud" environments - the sound of gunfire can cause her to get easily confused or distracted, and in some cases, can even hurt her.

Snake Eyes is also quite skilled in the use of a spear, and prefers skewering opponents and leaving them with the spear still inside.  She claims it was from an old crystal pony military manual, which a friend had read to her as a means to pass the time.


  • Snake Eyes speaks in an accent strange to most other ponies, and will often use more difficult speech options when speaking.  "You are" instead of "You're," for example.
  • She is able to hear other ponies heartbeats within a few feet of them, and uses it as a prompt to manipulate them.
  • Since she and other bat ponies grew up in caves, her race as a whole has very poor eyesight (or are simply blind, like her).
  • She completely lacks a cutie mark, again, like many other bat ponies.  Because they grew out of needing vision, they instead mark one another by sound; voice is most prominent, but small variations in breathing and heartbeat are how she "defines" other ponies.
  • She is very shy about revealing her eyes, to the point of violence.

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