Snake Charmer was a unicorn mare living in the moderately-fortified settlement of Hoofstead in the northern end of Manehattan


Snake Charmer owned and ran the brothel in Hoofstead, which helped attract traders. Her brothel was also popular with several local customers, which gave her some power in the settlement. Snake Charmer was a client of Sewn Britches- the slaver stallion would find and target young mares and fillies who would be brought to Hoofstead and used by Snake as prostitutes.

Hoofstead's populace turned a blind eye to Snake Charmer's immoral acquisition of employees due to how popular her brothel made Hoofstead for travelers and traders. Several of the townsfolk also used the brothel, including Gilded Gaze, one of the town's guards. Frost Windchill discovered Snake Charmer's brothel after torturing Sewn Britches, and he arrived in Hoofstead several days later. Disguising himself as Gilded Gaze, Frost sneaked into Snake's brothel where he eventually confronted the mare.

Frost let his anger get the better of him after discovering that the brothel was set up inside his old home. This caused Frost to slip up and forget to take care of the collar detonators on the slaves. After Rig and Azrael attempt a rescue, Frost narrowly managed to dispatch several of the bouncers and neutralize the slave collars.

Frost initially spared Snake Charmer, instructing her to change her ways. He awaited outside Hoofstead, hiding in an abandoned building alongside Rig and Azrael. Using Azrael's telepathic abilities, Frost learned that Snake Charmer had no intention of changing. Frost, having foreseen this possibility, activated his magic, causing ice to grow from a trap he inserted inside the mare's chest. The ice shard continued to grow, causing her excruciating pain before it burst out and killed her.

The ponies of Hoofstead took this as a warning and refused to be part of the slave trade any longer.



Snake Charmer was a very sultry-looking, blue mare.


Snake Charmer was a profit-motivated mare, caring little for the ponies she hurt in order to get wealthy. She justified her horrible actions by claiming they brought business to Hoofstead.


She knew basic telekinesis and had a firm grasp of business, running an efficient brothel which attracted customers to Hoofstead.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • A snake charmer is a performer who normally uses music played from a flute to manipulate and control a poisonous viper for entertainment purposes.
  • Her name is a sexual innuendo.

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