Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Raiders
Status Alive
Snake was a raider operating with a larger group outside of Timber



Snake was part of the raider gang that traders on their way to Timber would trade with. 

Present DayEdit

Snake was one of the raiders Hired Gun spoke to after she was captured by the raiders outside Timber. Hired's capture was a planned move, so that the NCA could justify wiping out the raiders by 'rescuing' her. The raider leader, Red, prevents Snake from iniially raping Hired, as they would get a better ransom for her. Snake tries to rape Hired Gun just before the raider camp is attacked by the NCA. Hired manages to break three of her legs free from their bonds, then traps Snake under the mattress she had been bound to and leaps on top of it, crushing and then stomping him to death.



Snake was a green unciorn with a spiked mane. His tongue is forked, cut deliberately into that shape.


Snake enjoys rape and other violent and sadistic behaviour like most raiders. He occasionally hisses like a snake.

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