Slimeball (or Imeballslay in Scum Speech), introduced in Chapter Eight: Fresh Applewood, is a member of the Slummy Scums tribe. She joined Clash Coat when Bucky hired her to help her and her friends safely cross Applewood.

She tries to avoid combat if possible preferring her stink bomb launcher Stanky that can knock out most enemies, even ghouls.

Slimeball is a "mane" character in a Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.

Full Name Imeballslay
Race unicorn
Sex mare
Faction/Role Slummy Scums
Family Excrement (father)
Status alive

History Edit

Past Edit


Present Edit

She was hired by Clash and friends to help then safely cross Applewood. She lead them to Mareily Hills where Clash decided to investigate the missing ghouls. While searching She finds Cube Brick hiding in a closet and accompanies him with Clash to the slaver's camp. She is captured by the slaver's like the rest of the group.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

She is a confident young mare whom prefers being sneaky (despite preferring being dirty and smelly) and is not very comfortable with violence. She speaks both equestrian and Scum Speech, but often mixes things up with some 2 and 3 letter words.

Tagged Skills Edit


Traits Edit

Little Stinker Edit

you reek.  No pony likes to be around you long. This unlocks unique dialogue trees that get to the point faster, but might skip important background information. Skill checks are also decreased by 5.  This trait doesn’t effect ponies in power armor.

Perks Edit

Full list of Slimeball's perks can be found here.

Relationships Edit

Excrement Edit

Her father and leader of The Slummy Scums.

Clash Coat Edit

Simply a client helping her to cross Applewood.

Bucky Beak Edit

Simply a client helping her to cross Applewood.

Bugz Edit

Simply a client helping her to cross Applewood.

Nicky Edit

Simply a client helping her to cross Applewood.

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