The slave collar is a device worn by an enslaved being, namely ponies. The collars are employed by slavers and put on slaves so that they don't try to escape.


Slave Collars were developed during the war by the zebras. They would attach the collars to prisoners of war and release them. When they made their way back to other ponies, the zebras would detonate the collar, decapitating the pony wearing the collar whilst injuring and demoralizing bystanders. After the war, they have come to be used by slavers as a means to ensure the ponies they have enslaved don't escape. The collars act as a means of control, forcing a slave to obey their masters, failure to comply or attempted escape will cause the collar to be detonated either by being out of range of the detonator/signal or by being remote detonated by a slaver.

In side storiesEdit

Project HorizonsEdit

Numerous ponies have used slave collars, including slavers, U-21 and a village of ponies that sold their mares and fillys as slaves.

The Last SentinelEdit

Sewn Britches, the slaver used bomb collars to keep his slaves under control.

New BeginningsEdit

Aurora Borealis wears a disarmed slave collar as it reminds her of her clouded past.

Morality of PropertyEdit

Coin Slot uses customized slave collars, including a special collar that she can easily unlock when worn.


Frosty and her Steel Ranger companions rescued several slaves wearing slave/bomb collars.

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