Hey… if I can’t tell you what to do, you can’t tell me either.
Full Name Skydive
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Enclave (formerly)

New Trottingham

Family unknown
Status Alive

Skydive is a main character in Rise from the Ashes.


Skydive is introduced to the story shortly after Cinder wakes up in the beginning. She was the one who brought Cinder in to be healed after being attacked outside of town. She later joins The Protagonist on his journey after secretly following him out of town. When asked, she claims her reason was "to stop him from burning anyone", but the honesty in the statement, especially with her consistency to lie, is questionable.

New TrottinghamEdit

Skydive apparently resides in New Trottingham, and shows a strong affiliation for, and loyalty to, the town and the ponies in it. She is shown to be residing with Doctor Crutches and Ice Pack in Crutches' home in the town.

Grand Pegasus EnclaveEdit

Skydive has mentioned that she used to be a member of the Grand Pegasus Enclave, but anything beyond that is currently unknown.



Skydive is a Pegasus Pony with a sky blue coat and cobalt mane. Her eyes are deep violet, and her cutie mark remains unmentioned. 


Skydive is a pony of many personalities, and seems to change them constantly and at will. This often confuses Cinder, who narratively comments on it often. She has shown to be equally playful and wary toward him, and even mentions she is willing to attack him at a moment's notice. When Cinder attempts to enter Prim, she stops him and angrily argues that strangers are not worth saving. Less than a minute later, however, she is shown pushing him away from a landmine to save his life and follows him into the town anyway. While resting inside, she mentions she is upset with herself that she tried to stop him from "doing the right thing". Her feelings towards different ponies and factions is also quite variable. She has shown immense respect for Doctor Crutches, extreme kindness and caring for Ice Pack, while having much distaste toward the NCR.


Flying and weather manipulationEdit

Skydive, being a pegasus pony, is capable of flight and controlling weather, though the latter has yet to be seen. Her flight speed is presumably quite high, as she is able to cross an overpass, taking another pony with her half of the way, within the time from a land mine's sensory detector activating to its detonation.


Skydive has shown adeptness at using her wings as extra appendages for holding things, and has even aimed a gun with them. It is unknown whether or not she can actually shoot using them, or to what degree of effectiveness if she can.

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