I let fear control me, don't let it control you.
Fallout: Equestria - The Past, SkaterRater to LightStar


Skater's background is uncertain. It is predicted that she was assistant of Applejack in Steel Rangers. But she did survive the Last Day and made it to Stable 30.
Skater FOE

Skater, ready to fight.

Stable Life

As soon as Skater got to Stable 30, she got token to care, to fix her terrible breathing problems. After months of care, she started a new stable life, and became one of the toughest security of Stable 30. After hearing raiders where coming from the north part of the stable, she did what any security pony would do. In the middle of the battle her right eye got sliced out which made her weak and afraid. She fled to safety in one of the stable bunkers and stayed in a closet. Soon, the remaining raiders ran away and left the last of Stable 30. Only about 70 survived with fearful injuries and Skater was one of them. Skater quit security, while the Overmare begged to have her back in security. After finding out raiders decease spread across, she found out she was the last mare to not have got it. Her last option was to leave the stable and save herself while she is healthy. She did so and started a life in the Wasteland.

Wasteland Life

Her new life started in the ruins of Manehatten which she travelled to the Wasteland. She soon got captured by pones and became a slave in the Waste's near the middle of Manehatten. After travelling for weeks, she tried to break free as her strength came back. She broke free and wandered off into Manehatten. She made a black cloak to hide herself from over ponies to make her a slave. After watching LightStar kill a raider in seconds, she decided to persuade her to join forces and become allies (which worked). After leaving Manehatten, they meet Laughter Piper, which Skater didn't recognize, until Light recognized her, and they became the best of friends again. Amazingly, travelling to Ponyville, She gets a unwelcome visit from her sister, SkullBreaker and end up in a deadly battle. Soon they became the best of allies and leading Skull into a Wasteland life.


Today, Skater travels the Wasteland to save the slaves and stable into bringing light and joy into there lives and also making the bad become the greatest of good, like what she did with her sister. She also wishes for a new eye (for a prediction) 'to see the other side of life'. Her second wish is to bring back her other family and friends that she has lost or to see them one more time, especially Night Hawk.

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