Silver Skean is a unique balisong blade (Butterfly Knife) owned by Frost Windchill.


Before & During the WarEdit

Silver Skean was purchased by Frost Windchill whilst he was a young equinologist studying the griffin culture in their home country of Aldorna. Frost purchased the blade from Grimm Asher after he became interested in the blades' design and functionality. Frost carried the balisong blade for several years before leaving it in his old family home in Manehattan. Frost deeply regretted abandoning the blade later on.

Present DayEdit

Frost reacquired the blade whilst tracking down the slaves Sewn Britches had sold into prostitution. The blade was still in his family's home in what had become a settlement known as Hoofstead. Frost carried the blade with him and initially used it by mistake, intending to use its more effective sister blade Midnight Talon. He occasionally practices his dexterity with his ice arms, using Silver Skean alongside Midnight Talon.


Silver Skean is a titanium blade that looks almost like silver. It features skeletonized handles and a weehawk-style blade.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Silver Skean was the first of many balisongs Frost came to own.
  • Was purchased in Aldorna.
  • A Skean is a type of knife carried by soldiers.
  • Despite its name, Silver Skean is actually a balisong.
  • A skean is a traditional, ceremonial blade in Scotland.

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