The Silver Horseshoe Society is a reclusive organization of aristocratic ponies in Poneva city. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The Silver Horseshoe Society runs and presides over the reclaimed manufactories in Poneva's Old Factory District where they manufacture and produce chems and potions with the Sunny Days Company's crops. They serve the SDC as their main money-making resource, supplying all of the goods that the Palomino Mafia distributes while earning cuts from their sales.

They are very reclusive and tend to remain in Poneva city's stately, pre-war capital buildings where they host massive soirees and evening gatherings, and very rarely, with some of Poneva city's most influential individuals. 

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== Notes & Trivia == 


The SIlver Horseshoe Society traces its roots back to pre-war era Poneva city. Before the war, Poneva city was a place where the most wealthy and industrious of ponies came to reside. Many of these ponies, from the myriad of smaller pony nations that lay beyond Equestria's borders, immigrated here in search of wealth and fame.

Ponies of the small nation of Roan , known as Roanians, came to Poneva city in large numbers. Many of these ponies became successful business-owners who were influential in many of Equestria's companies. When the bombs fell, many of these Roanian ponies survived and came together in an effort to unite their people as their homeland, Roan, was bombed out of existence hundreds of years ago.

These Roanian ponies eventually formed the Silver Horseshoe Society in an attempt to preserve their Roanian heritage and way of life. 

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