Silver Aura
Race Pegasus Pony
Sex Male
Role Pre-War Lieutenant, Sword Master, Spellcaster
Family Rainbow Spring(Sister)

Silver Feather(Sister) Bubblegum Delight(Mother)

Eyes Light Blue
Mane Grey/Silver
Coat Snow White
Cutie Mark Heart with wings
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Silver Aura, AKA Test Subject #185-SA, is the stallion pegasus main character of the story Forgotten Light.

During the WarEdit

He was placed in stasis prior to the Last Day. The stasis unit was in an unmarked Stable, near the Iron Hooves Military Base. It can be assumed that he entered stasis during the war, due to his knowledge of the War and his position as Lieutenant in the Equestrian Military.

The Stable was known by it's codename "The Vault" and was the home of a secret military project. Silver Aura was the only pegasus to take part in the project.

After the WarEdit

Silver Aura was in stasis for more than 200 years. After exiting stasis, he began to adventure across the northern portion of Equestria, called the Forgotten Wasteland.

One strange effect of the stasis, which was the desired effect, was that Silver Aura gained minor telekinesis, despite being a pegasus. It is suggested by the Perk ending the first chapter that the ability is related to DNA alterations. The Vault's experiment was meant to give unicorn magic to non-unicorns to give Equestria a better edge over the Zebras.

He carries Dash's Lightning as his main weapon.





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