Silas Razorwing
Race Griffin
Sex Male
Faction/Role Dead Boys - Formerly
Family Azrael Razorwing - Sister

Garador Razorwing - Father

Status Alive

Silas Razorwing is a young griffin encountered early on by Frost Windchill during a bounty hunt. He is later discovered to be the brother of Azrael Razorwing and a hunted former member of The Dead Boys.



Silas was once a member of the Dead Boys, the massive organization of griffins primarily made up of survivors of the Aldorna-Enclave Resource War. As their radical, often amoral ideology left her family wondering whether or not it was all worth it, it ultimately led to the Razorwing family trying to defect from the organization- an act tantamount to treason. Silas' mother and another Dead Boys leader named Lazare were killed during the escape attempt, and the family fled across the Wasteland, eventually arriving in Stalliongrad.

Frost's JourneyEdit

Pursued and discovered by a Dead Boys agent named Langson, Silas went into the bounty hunting business in order to keep him quiet about their family's location while simultaneously working to flush the shady griffin out. Frost and Silas coincidentally met in Vealville, where the griffin also recognized Frost as a bounty mark. He hastily (and perhaps thoughtlessly) advertised himself to him as an air taxi griffin and offered to take Frost to the outskirts of the Far North. There, Frost quickly disarmed Silas after he attempted to kill him and proceeded to kill their bounty mark, Sewn Britches. Without any way to bribe Langson, Silas returned to Stalliongrad empty-handed...



Silas is a young male griffin with a color scheme typical of their species, including a white-feathered head and a brown-furred body. He wears light leather armor with multiple bandoliers holding half-moon clips for his revolvers.


Silas has thus far demonstrated a brash, fiery personality. Still, he has some sense of patience and subtlety in attempting to trick Frost, however poorly planned the attempt was.


Silas has thus far only been depicted using a pair of .357 Magnum revolvers, preferring to dual wield them. He is noted by Frost as being quick on the draw and having remarkable accuracy.

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