Sierra Scorch
Sierra Scorch in leather armour.
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Caravan Company
Family Unknown

Sierra Scorch is a unicorn mare, and one of the main protagonists of the webcomic StableQuest. She is a caravan guard pony, and is the main one to receive commands from readers.



Not much is known about Sierra's past, other than she obtained a wrench cutie mark at some point, took on a job as a guard, and had very few, if any, friends.

Present DayEdit

After a weird dream, Sierra wakes up inside a caravan. She gears up with equipment and steps outside into a desert, where she is greeted by her employer and berated for sleeping on the job.

She attempts to make friends but eventually resorts to a quick supply trip, and assisting an earth pony stallion, Wanderlust, by repairing a broken caravan.

They are interrupted by an attack from a large cloud, destroying the majority of the caravan, and knocking her unconscious. She is woken by Wander, seemingly the only other survivor of the attack. While wounded and unable to move, she manages to piece together a makeshift wagon with her magic, but faints from pain as she tries to climb on to it.

She wakes up in a cave with her wound bandaged and a note from Wander next to her, saying he left to find more medical supplies. She follows his trail to the door of a Stable and enters it, hoping to find something useful.



Sierra is introduced as a small framed unicorn mare, with a light orange coat, a wrench cutie mark, and a long orange mane done up in a braid. She has purple eyes which match the colour of her magic when in use. Another notable feature is that her ears are shown to be much longer than they should be for a pony of her size.

Initially she is seen wearing underwear similar to the protagonists of the Fallout games, but changes into leather armour after waking up. After the attack, her leather armour is ripped at the sleeves and legs, and she no longer has saddlebags or a neck scarf.


Sierra's personality is fairly malleable as she is commanded by readers. She is shown as internally sarcastic, afraid of conflicts, and acts awkwardly when confronted with strangers, often shouting out loud greetings to their face.

However, she is generally well-meaning and is willing to help out other ponies when able. While she often has rather strange and outlandish ideas, she usually dismisses the more harmful ones.


Sierra's main skill is repairing things. Her magic allows her to see the into the internal parts of a machine and manipulate things inside it to fix it.

She is not shown to have very good social skills, shouting greetings at strangers, and failing her attempts at bartering.

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