~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Raiders
Status Alive
  Deceased (Page. 18)

Shrapnel is a Raider who was part of Bullet Holes gang. 



He was shown in the comic as competing against Bullet Holes in hoof wrestling and headbutting matches.

Present DayEdit

When Bullet Holes and Slug come under attack from Mercenaries he is nowhere to be seen. He turns up, just as Bullet Holes is about to administer a healing potion to Slug and shoots the potion. He is furious with Bullet Holes for killing the mercenaries as they were going to let him join for betraying the other Raiders. He reveals he led them past their gang's defences and was merely waiting for them to finish off their gang.

He proceeds to brutally beat Bullet Holes who is coming out off a drug induced frenzy she used to aid her in killing the attacking mercenaries. Bullet Holes is knocked to the ground at which point, Shrapnel reveals he will still walk out a member of the mercenaries by donning one of their uniforms. He prepares to kill Bullet Holes, but is stopped by Slug, who levitated his sawed-off shotgun and blew off the top half of Shrapnel's head.



Shrapnel was a lime green stallion with a teal mane and green eyes.


  • Wanted out of the Raider War in Buckingham
  • Willing to sell out his gang
  • Uses a rifle as his primary weapon, built into his battle-saddle
  • He is a capable hoof to hoof combatant

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