Shoeshine, introduced in Audio Log #001, is Screwloose's sister.

Shoeshine is a minor character in the story Unscrewed Audio Files, but is one of the protagonists of Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files.

Shoeshine vexel by durpy-d7ga188
Full Name Shoeshine
alias Brittleshine
Race earth pony
Sex mare
Family Screwloose (Sister), Crowning Achievement (Mother)
Status alive (pre-war/war)
  Canterlot Ghoul (current)

History Edit

Before the War Edit

She and Screwloose were very close as foals. When Shoey got upset that she didn't get the present she wanted for her 7th b-day, Screwloose cheered her up. This lead to Screwloose's cutie mark.

Shoeshine would get her cutie mark after taking over a school play when the drama teach quit. Her talent is somehow related to leadership.

When she graduated from school she went to work for Mayor Mare.

After her sister's accident she became very distant and didn't visit very often.

During the War Edit

At some point she got a job at the Ministry of Image, most notably coining the "Better wipped than stripes" slogan, which she shared with her sister during one of her infrequent visits. After a visit supposedly requested by Screwloose, She became very suspicious of Ponyville Hospital and Vail. She told Pinkie pie who looked into it, but nothing came of it.

After the War Edit

Presumed dead after the fall of Canterlot, but instead she became a Canterlot Ghoul in Stable 1.

Durring Fallout: Equestria and Project Horizons Edit

She lived in Stable City until it was blown off the mountain with the rest of Canterlot. surviving that she established Recurence in the ruins of Canterlot/Zebratown and became it mayor.

Present Edit

Ditzy Doo gives her the broken recorder with Screwloose's story on it. She listens to it and has her Secretary Sundae send word to Dr. Stable Rate that Screwy may still be alive. she then sends the recordings to DJ Pon3 to have them played over the air. It is the DJ that names them "Unscrewed Audio Files".

Relationships Edit

Screwloose Edit

Her older sister.

Dr. Stable Rate Edit

The ex-fiancé of her sister Screwloose and long time friend. He is her companion for Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files.

Sundae Edit

her secretary and right hoof pony.

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