I'm wanted alive. You can't touch me.
– Sewn Britches desperately trying to avoid harm.
Chapter 1
Sewn Britches
Full Name Sewn Britches
Race Earth
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Slavers
Status Alive

Sewn britches is an earth pony stallion working as a slaver. His bounty is what drew Frost Windchill to pursue him across the Wasteland into the outskirts of the Far North.



Sewn Britches originally worked in the Manehattan region of the Wasteland, delivering slaves who were sold into a life of servitude. The families of his victims posted a large bounty on his head, causing him to flee the ruins and take the slave trade routes in the outskirts of the Far North, which were much safer (if not more tedious) than most slaver trade routes. Whilst traveling, he came across Rig and a group of Stable ponies. He deceived their group into believing he was merely a trader, using their inexperience with the Wasteland to kill most of the Stable ponies and enslave Rig and one other mare on the team.

Encounter with FrostEdit

Frost Windchill tracked down Sewn Britches to the outskirts of the Far North, where he managed to incapacitate him quickly. He proceeded to interrogate the slaver, playing mind games with him. After torturing Britches for information, Frost killed him despite his pleas of being wanted alive. As far as Frost was concerned, "he was worth more to him dead". He used Britches own collars to blow off his rear legs before attaching the remaining collars to his remaining legs and neck, using the detonator to kill him.

Frost caved in his corpse's ribcage after hearing how his rough swearing taught Rig how to curse, using the names of Luna and Celestia in vain.



Sewn was an experienced slaver and specialized on preying upon weak, vulnerable ponies- particularly foals whom he sold to a brothel in Manehattan. He was also a talented markspony.


He owned a .22 carbine and several slave collars.

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