The Series 19-B Model Cybernetic Leg is a robotic leg replacement from the side story Fallout: Equestria - Heroes.


It is one of the highest accomplishments of Wartime engineering, being extremely durable and easy to modify. The leg was given to Hired Gun free of charge by the Watchers but the rest of her treatment was to be paid for by visiting Dise with the Watcher, Dr. Morowynd.

Ponies with cybernetic legs seem to be somewhat infamous around the Caledonia region, given how strong the cybernetic limbs usually are. The limbs cannot be felt like a regular organic one and normally take awhile to adjust to, Hired Gun is the exception as she adapted rather quickly.

The Series 19-B also requires the power pack, used to power the limb to be replaced or recharged every couple of days. The Power pack is susceptible to water damage and needs to be kept out of the rain and deep water.

Known modifications: Leg extender.

Known Users: Hired Gun.

Proper maintenanceEdit

These are the rules of maintenance as dictated by Dr. Morowynd.

  1. Recharge or change the battery every three days
  2. Don't wear it while swimming
  3. Cover it up when it is raining
  4. Clean it regularly to make sure it does not rust
  5. Do not wear it if it is sparking.

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