Serenity 3
The bravest filly in the Crystal Wasteland
Full Name Serenity
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Crystal Crusaders
Family Harmony (Mother, Deceased)

Highwind (Father, Deceased) Scootaloo (Ancestor) Vanilla Cream (Adopted Mother) Butterscotch Candy (Adopted Aunt)

Status Alive
"I know, but I wish she wouldn't treat me like a foal so much, I helped fight off an invasion, I have my cutie mark for crying out loud, but I'm still treated like a foal."
– Serenity

Serenity is a Pegasus Filly that lives in the Crystal Wasteland, she appears in chapter 6 of Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt.

History Edit

Foalhood Edit

Serenity was born to Harmony and Highwind, ponies who served under the Enclave General Marigold during her attempt to take over the Crystal Wasteland. What little is known about this period is that her parents were killed during the re-taking of Stable 81 from the Enclave and she was discovered by Vanilla Cream who raised her from that point forward.

Very little is actually known about her life during this time other than that she was more withdrawn from the rest of the world. It was also during this period that she found out she was adopted and started to wonder about her family.

The Changeling Invasion Edit

At some point the Crystal Wasteland started to be infiltrated by members of the Changeling species. This lasted for at least a few months before help came from the most unexpected of places.

Ponies claiming to be Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom appeared in Crystal City, believed to be from the human world. They made up what came to be known as the Crystal Crusaders, and Serenity joined up with them, becoming close to Scootaloo and seeing her as her big sister.

Eventually the Changelings were defeated by the Crystal Crusaders and the three returned to their own world, saying their goodbyes to Serenity.

An Unexpected Relative Edit

Upon her return to Crystal City from Ponyville however, Serenity was met with a surprise, the Equestria Scootaloo had survived and had been searching around Equestria for any surviving family. As it turned out, Serenity was actually a descendant of Scootaloo through her daughter Cloudy.

After a rocky start where Serenity needed time to process what she had learned, she came to accept it and began to bond with Scootaloo again. She even helped Scootaloo get a scooter from a pre-war store and Scootaloo was going to stay in Crystal City.

At least until an Enclave broadcast came up.

Personality Edit

Serenity is an energetic filly who ultimately cares about other ponies and generally just wants to help them out. However she seems to be in part haunted by the events of the Changeling invasion, having suffered nightmares on at least one occasion.

Notes Edit

  • Serenity has a scooter made by the Red Racer company that was given to her by Equestria Girls Scootaloo.
  • Serenity shares many qualities with Scootaloo including being flightless.
  • Serenity's adopted mother Vanilla Cream is the main character of a fanfic called Fallout Equestria: Surviving Light.

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