Serenity, stifling a laugh.
~ DAfavicon KJ1397
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Family Orphan

Hired Gun - Adoptive Mother/Guardian

Status Alive

Serenity is a unicorn filly whom Hired Gun rescues in the earlier stages of her Journey.



Serenity was born in the NCA capital of Eye Glow. She was raised by the Watchers, who gave her an educated upbringing. The group never showed the kind of love and support she herself desired. Serenity was captured by slavers when a Watchers caravan was raided by the slavers. Serenity was stolen away by another slaver, Nanny Jane who hid her in Bridle Hope.

Present DayEdit

Serenity was rescued by Hired Gun, from Nanny Jane's basement. Hired Gun was prepared to return Serenity to the slavers, until she learned of their plans to sell her. Hired Gun opens fire and rescues Serenity from a life of slavery.

Hired Gun allows Serenity to accompany her, trying to avoid growing attached to the filly. Serenity and Hired continue to grow closer, they eventually arrive in Dise where they meet Flare, who begins accompanying them on the jobs Hired Gun has to do. Serenity almost leaves Hired for good due to the events in Karkhoof, but eventually chooses to begin forgiving Hired Gun. Serenity is eventually accepted by Hired as her daughter and later earns her cutie mark in cybernetics, by crafting a cyberleg for her mother.



Serenity is described as an exceedingly cute, light pink unicorn filly. She has a yellow mane with red spots and grey eyes. Her cutie mark is a heart, half of it is a bright pink that stands out from her coat and the other half is made up of golden gears.


Serenity is an extremely intelligent Filly, knowledgeable on a range of subjects, particularly medicine and technology, including cybernetics. Her special talent is in cybernetics, she finds all forms of cybernetics fascinating and is eager to learn about new and exotic forms of cybernetics.

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