Sandy Hooves
Sandy helmless security barding 2
Sandy in Stable 22 security barding, sans helmet (Image created by StormbadgerXIII)
Title (Unknown at this time)
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Stable 22 security
Family (Unknown at this time)
Status Alive
Sandy Hooves (often shortened to Sandy), introduced in chapter 1 of Truth or Dare, is a Earth pony mare and the first companion of Chancer in the aformentioned side story. Prior to becoming a wanderer, she was a Stable 22 security mare.



Sandy was born in Stable 22, a Stable three miles north of Detrot, to two as of yet unnamed ponies. She worked as a Security mare.

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the story progress.



Sandy is slightly shorter than the average mare, a fact she is not too happy about. Her coat is a light navy blue and her mane is a sand yellow, with light yellow eyes. She prefers to wear her mane short to fit into her helmet. She is often seen wearing her Stable 22 Security barding and a battle saddle.


Sandy is a solid and stoic mare, unwavering in her duties. She detests ponies who break the rules, and has a strong sense of honour. She is not as adventurous as Chancer, and would rather stay in a known, comfortable environment than go exploring.


Sandy is fairly decent with a 9mm pistol and riot shotgun, despite never having used them on living beings. She also learned some first-aid in her training and some basic Stable medical information from her father. Also, in her training, she did learn basic weapon maintenance and can look after her guns.


She initially leaves the Stable with her combat barding, baton, 9mm pistol, three reloads worth of ammo, and her emerald-screened PipBuck.


Major charactersEdit


Sandy considers Chancer a troublemaker, and detests his continued breaking of the rules of Stable 22.



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