The Samurai 7 are a group of seven warrior ponies from the nation of Japony. They're duty is to defend the innocent of the Quick Province from it's enemies. During their free time they perform in various province's across the nation. Mostly for parties, like weddings, coronations, or when a new shogun of the Shogunate Council is elected.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit


Quick Cameo/Samurai 1 (alive)

Kokuro/Samurai 2 (alive)

Sakura/Samurai 3 (alive)

Habiki/Samurai 4 (alive)

Kin/Samurai 5 (alive)

Kana/Samurai 6 (alive)

Sora/Samurai 7 (alive)

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