Saddle-Bags are used by the majority of ponies in the wasteland, to carry the various valuables, weapons and food/medicine that they require. 


Saddle-bags were created before the war by Equestrian ponies. They are designed to be easily carried on a pony's sides. Exactly how much can be carried in a saddlebag is unknown, though Jokeblue is mentioned as being able to fit several assault rifles into her own saddlebag as it is bigger on the inside. (During an argument she had with Doctor Whooves about his Blue Box and how it wasn't that impressive.) This hints that they can store an unlimited number of items, provided the person wearing the saddlebag can carry it.

Types of SaddlebagEdit


These Saddlebags are carried by Littlepip and the majority of ponies in the Equestrian Wasteland. Exactly what they are made from or what enchantments they have is unknown. 

Bone SaddlebagEdit

A Saddlebag fashioned from the bones of a pony. Nightseer wore one of these.

In Other StoriesEdit

In the majority of Fallout: Equestria side stories, the progaonists carry some form of Saddle-Bag.

Rangers of WintertrotEdit

Inkwell carries a unique, metal saddlebag that he wears on his power armor. The Saddle-Bag is a Vultur Gryphus Armored Saddlebag, An Air-Tite 286 model.

Best Laid PlansEdit

Romeo tried to purchase a magical Saddle-Bag from a group of traders, travelling to Friendship City.


  • Saddle-Bags are used as an alternative to a players inventory/storage capacity in the Fallout Games
  • Saddle-Bags presumably have some form of hammerspace within them, that allows ponies to carry large items and weapons, without first disassembling them

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