Full Name Special Artificial Intelligence and Operating System
alias Saios
Race Artificial Intelligence
Sex Male (?)
Faction/Role Unaligned
Family None
Status Alive

Saios is a supporting character in the fanfiction Fallout Equestria: Shades of Grey.

Background Edit

Saios (acronym for Special Artificial Intelligence and Operating System) is a pre-war artificial intelligence built into the DERTA. Little is known on its origins.

The character Edit

Saios is an artificial intelligence. Spring started it up by mistake while exploring Big Mountain.

Bipolar, it keeps on switching between very cold and formal declarations and heated monologues on sciences and technologies.

As a computer, he has accept to an encyclopedic knownledge of many things, though science and technology seem to be its favorites subjects. Quite sociable for an AI, it immediatly saw the potential in Spring and sought a partnership with her.

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