Runs Wild
Runs Wild

~ DAfavicon MisterMech
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Hunter
Status Alive
Runs Wild is an earth pony mare and hunter from the settlement of Nowhere Canyon.



Runs Wild grew up in the settlement of Nowhere Canyon. She learned to become a hunter, killing animals that existed around Nowhere Canyon, specialising in melee with Hoofclaws and a machete and use of a hunting rifle. She also learnt some lockpicking techniques from one of the locals.

Present DayEdit

Runs wild meets Snakebite when she was tasked with guiding him to a nearby Raider camp. Runs was especially nervous, having never killed a pony before and was not looking forward to the experience. Snakebite instructs her to let him handle it and so she waits on the sidelines and eventually intervenes to save Snakebite when he is vulnerable to attack, killing her first pony/raider.

Runs allows Snakebite to stay with her during his stay in Nowhere and they both leave for Shattered Hoof where they learn what direction Snakebite's trade caravan went. They journey to Red Light, Runs Wild demonstrating her experience at fighting wildlife as they engaged a lone manticore that ambushed them.

They make it to Red Light where they spend a night, during which they meet Geri and get Snakebite's P.R.A attachemnt working. Geri and Runs break into The Don's home where he had imprisoned Snakebite and helped him escape.

Runs WIld assited Red Light in its preparations for Lord Zeal's eventual assault, and was cowed with fear when Calculare arrived. Runs has since been assisting Snakebite delivering orders and healing the injured.



Runs is a very reliable pony. She is far more knowledgeable than she has let on, surprising Snakebite at times. Runs Wild is a very supportive and kind friend who respects Snakebite and often gives him rather insightful advice, she is also quite curious and inquisitive, especially when meeting new people or going to new places.


Runs is an exceptionally skilled hunter, she is particuarly effective in melee, using hoof claws that resemble tiger claws and a large machete. Runs Wild also uses a Hunting rifle for ranged assault and she is a novice at lockpicking, being able to pick low quality locks.


Snakebite Tourniquet - Runs is Snakebite's very first friend on his journey. She has developed a strong friendship with the wayward Alicorn, helping him cope with his female body yet male mindset. She often offers very helpful and insightful advice as well as a comforting shoulder.

Geri - Runs seems to get along well with Geri and worked with him to rescue Snakebite. She seems to admire his good heart and respects him as a person.

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