Rosemary being levitated by Slug.
~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain
~ DAfavicon afriendlyhobo (Coloring)

Rosemary is the personal heavy weapon of the Raider Bullet Holes. It is a heavy weapon that requires a Battlesaddle to be operated properly. Rosemary has been used numerous times, by Bullet Holes.

Rosemary can be used by a Unicorn if it is wrapped in a telekinetic field. The gun is heavy as Slug struggles to lift the weapon. This could be because he is young.
Rosemary battle-saddle colour

Bullet Holes using Rosemary to threaten a Wasteland scholar.
~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain
~ DAfavicon afriendlyhobo (Coloring)

Their are marking scratched into the casing of the weapon that say "Better wiped than striped". Thirteen etched lines are on the casing, marking up some kind of tally, presumably a count of all the ponies killed with it. The weapon's name, "Rosemary", is written on one of the rotating barrels of the gun.

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