A Knight in Steel Armor
Full Name Rose
Title Knight
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Steel Rangers (Former)

Nova's Group

Family Nova (Adopted Daughter)
Status Alive
Do you really think you're the only Pony who thinks that way?
– Rose
Rose is a former Knight in the Steel Rangers and the adopted mother of Nova who is one of the main characters in Fallout Equestria: Renegades.

History Edit

The Steel Rangers Edit

Rose's upbringing is a bit of an unknown, she was likely born into the Steel Rangers.

What little is known about her life before the events of Renegades is that she had been pregnant with a child who died stillborn because of complications from radiation.

Nova Edit

When Rose was a Knight in the Steel Rangers, she took part in a raid on Stable 9. While searching the quarters in the Stable, she came across one where she found two Unicorns that had been killed by the Steel Rangers. Inside a secret compartment, she found a Unicorn foal who had been spared, and took her out of the Stable, naming her Nova.

Rose raised Nova as her own daughter and mentored her in the ways of the Steel Rangers.

Going Renegade Edit

After Nova was made an Initiate, Rose couldn't help but feel pride. However not too long afterwards, Nova started questioning the Steel Rangers methods, and after a particularly brutal mission, she chose to leave.

However not before running into Rose, who made the decision to leave with her daughter out into the ruins of Seaddle.

Personality Edit

Rose is generally a good pony and tried her best to raise Nova right so that she could be the best Pony she could be in the Steel Rangers. She would rather put Nova above even her fellow Rangers, which is why she chose to leave with her.

Relationships Edit

Rose and Nova

Rose and her daughter Nova.

Nova Edit

Rose adopted Nova when she was just a baby, so if there's anypony she has a close relationship with its her. She's fiercely loyal to her daughter, and wants to make sure that she's a good Pony.

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