The Rock of Destiny is a location in Fallout: Equestria.


The Rock of Destiny is a hollowed-out-rock near Sweet Apple Acres. The stone itself is the same one that housed the first gemstones that Rarity ever found as a filly. Twilight Sparkle later enchants the rock as a favor to the Cutie Mark Crusaders to make up for her psychotic breakdown.

Scootaloo is the first to use it, placing her PipBuck inside after being banished as the first "Dashite." The Rock of Destiny is used as a sort of dead-drop and cache for all Dashites now.


Each visitor to the Rock places a token of their previous life inside.

  • Scootaloo placed her Pipbuck with her last recorded words.
  • Velvet Remedy submitted her custom engraved Pipbuck, last worn the day before the opening of Stable Two.
  • Calamity interred his Enclave armor (which he later reclaimed).
  • Littlepip uploaded half of the Party-Time Mint-Al recipe to Scootaloo's Pipbuck for double-user encryption, then deleted her own copy. This allowed her to submit an item and part with an enabling temptation, but at the same would prevent other visitors to the Rock from retrieving the recipe.

In Other StoriesEdit

  • In Fallout: Equestria - OutlawMach leaves the experimental coilgun he had been carrying. He does this to prevent the Enclave from reclaiming the weapon.


The Rock of Destiny is a reference to the Hollowed-Out Rock in Fallout 3, a hidden cache located near Megaton.

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